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21 Jump Street TV Show

21 Jump Street

Date March 06, 2012
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This teen-oriented police series focused on four youthful officers who were members of a special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department that fought crime in the schools. Hanson, Penhall, Hoffs, and Ioki could pass as students, and went undercover every week in local high schools to deal with drug trafficking, extortion, school gangs, teenage prostitution, murders, and other "typical" teenage problems. The building in which the special unit was based was an abandoned chapel at 21 Jump Street, hence the show's title. Captain Jenko, an eccentric non-conformist, was the original supervisor of the group. He was killed by a drunk hit-and-run driver and was replaced by Adam Fuller, who preferred to do things by the book.

21 Jump Street Cast

Cast & Characters

  • Johnny Depp as Patrolman/Officer Tom Hanson (1987–1990)
  • Holly Robinson as Sergeant Judith "Judy" Hoffs (1987–1991)
  • Peter DeLuise as Officer Douglas "Doug" Penhall (1987–1990)
  • Dustin Nguyen as Sgt. Harry Truman Ioki/Vinh Van Tran (1987–1990)
  • Frederic Forrest as Captain Richard Jenko (season 1, first 6 episodes)
  • Steven Williams as Captain Adam Fuller (1987–1991)
  • Sal Jenco as Sal "Blowfish" Banducci (1987–1990)
  • Richard Grieco as Detective Dennis Booker (1988–91)
  • David Barry Gray as Officer Dean Garrett (1990)
  • Alexandra Powers as Officer Kati Rocky (1990)
  • Michael DeLuise as Officer Joseph "Joey" Penhall (1990–1991)
  • Michael Bendetti as Officer Anthony "Mac" McCann (1990–1991)

Broadcast History

21 Jump Street Title CardFirst Telecast: April 12, 1987
Last Telecast: April 27, 1991
Original Network:  FOX, Syndication
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 103
Original Primetime TV Schedule
  • April 1987 - September 1966, FOX, Friday 8:O0-9:00pm

Theme Song Lyrics & Opening Credits

"21 Jump Street Theme" performed by Holly Robinson and composed by Liam Stemberg

We never thought we'd find a place where we belong.
Don't have to stand alone, we'll never let you fall.
Don't need permission to decide what you believe.
I said jump, down on Jump Street.
I said jump, down on Jump Street.
Your friends will be there when your back is to the wall.
You'll find you'll need us cause there's no one else to call.
When it was hopeless a decision's what you need.
You'd better be ready to, be ready to jump.
21 Jump Street
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21 Jump Street On DVD

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5
Complete Series View all 21 Jump Street DVDs, books, merchandise and collectibles from Amazon.com

Watch 21 Jump Street Episodes

Season 1 Amazon Instant Video 21 Jump Street, Season 1 - 21 Jump Street
Season 2 Amazon Instant Video 21 Jump Street, Season 2 - 21 Jump Street
Season 3 Amazon Instant Video 21 Jump Street, Season 3 - 21 Jump Street
Season 4 Amazon Instant Video 21 Jump Street, Season 4 - 21 Jump Street
Season 5 Amazon Instant Video 21 Jump Street, Season 5 - 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street Photo Gallery

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21 Jump Street Trivia

The 21 Jump Street TV show was the very first FOX Network series to air on that new network's very first night!

The Dennis Booker character was going to be killed off at the end of the third season. When he proved to be extremely popular with audiences, the Fox Network not only kept Richard Grieco's role alive, they also gave him his own spin-off series titled, "Booker"!

21 Jump Street was broadcast on all FOX Network stations at the same time for only its first four seasons. For its fifth season, each individual station decided if and when to run the show. The airdates listed below are the dates that most stations aired it.

It's almost impossible to believe how amazing Johnny Depp's career has bloomed since the end of 21 Jump Street. At the time this is being written (summer 2009) Johnny has 19 projects in one stage of development or another including remakes of "Alice in Wonderland", "Dark Shadows", "Happy Days", "The Incredible Mr. Limpet", and "The Lone Ranger"!. And don't worry! There's a "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" in the works too! The guy is a working dynamo!

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