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The Drew Carey Show TV Show

The Drew Carey Show Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics & Opening Credits

"Moon Over Parma" (1995–1996, 2002–2004)
Moon over Parma, bring my love to me tonight.
Guide her to Cleveland, underneath your silvery light.
We're going bowlin'
So don't loose her in Solon.
Moon over Parma, tonight!

"Five O'Clock World" by The Vogues (1996–1997, 2002–2004)

"Cleveland Rocks" by The Presidents of the United States of America (1997–2004)
All this energy calling me,
Back where it comes from
It's such a crude attitude
It's back where it belongs.
All the little chicks with the crimson lips
Go, "Cleveland Rocks"
"Cleveland Rocks"
Livin' in sin, with a safety pin
Go, "Cleveland Rocks" (Cleveland Rocks)
"Cleveland Rocks" (Cleveland Rocks)
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