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Wilson Phillips Sneak Peek: Carnie Appalled By Chynna's Disgusting Hygiene Conversation

Date May 04, 2012

Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On

On Sunday's Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, Carnie, Wendy and Chynna head east to begin their multi-city concert run. After spending hours on a tour bus, you might imagine that the ladies would have nothing left to talk about. Not so!

When Wendy expresses concern that their set doesn't include enough Wilson Phillips original songs, Chynna — never one to hold back — says that her only concern has to do with "feminine cleansing." She then proceeds to go into specific detail about the importance of below-the-belt hygiene and why it correlates to women having longer life spans than men.

We'll leave the full explanation up to Chynna. Check out the sneak peek:

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