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WikiLeaks founder Assange to host TV show

Date January 24, 2012

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap) - Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is getting into the television game.

Assange, who has made headlines with his disclosure of government secrets along with allegations of sexual misconduct, will host a TV series comprising "in-depth conversations with key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from around the world," WikiLeaks said late Monday.

The title of the series has not been announced yet, but the theme will be "the world tomorrow."

The series -- which is scheduled to premiere in mid-March -- "will draw together controversial voices from across the political spectrum -- iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders -- each to offer a window on the world tomorrow and their ideas on how to secure a brighter future," WikiLeaks said.

"Are we heading towards utopia, or dystopia and how we can set our paths?" Assange said of the questions to be raised by the show. "This is an exciting opportunity to discuss the vision of my guests in a new style of show that examines their philosophies and struggles in a deeper and clearer way than has been done before."

Presumably, plenty of spoilers will be issued by WikiLeaks prior to the show's run.

The series, which will consist of 10 weekly half-hour episodes, has already struck licensing agreements that will cover more than 600 million viewers across cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks, according to WikiLeaks.

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