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Who Should The Vampire Diaries' Elena Choose: Stefan or Damon?

Date April 15, 2012

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries begins its final four episodes on Thursday (8/7c, CW), which means viewers are that much closer to finding out which Salvatore brother Elena Gilbert will choose.

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At the start of the series, Elena (Nina Dobrev) was immediately drawn to Stefan (Paul Wesley), but the pair's relationship faced a devastating blow when Stefan embarked on a dark and bloody journey with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) at the helm. With Stefan gone, Elena's playful love-hate relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) blossomed until the chemistry between them was undeniable.

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Now that Stefan is somewhat back in Elena's good graces and Damon, well, continues to be the brooding, hot, yet extremely selfish Damon, Elena is faced with a choice -- a decision that executive producer Julie Plec has promised will be addressed by season's end. (Plus: We have very good intel that Elena will share a kiss with one of those Salvatores in the season finale -- and no, we're not spilling who it is.)

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