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Watercooler: Are Sundays TV's Best Night?

Date April 09, 2012

Leslie Bibb

For a day of rest, Sundays sure are exhausting.

Not that we're complaining, but good Lord! Things were already crowded with regular network offerings like The Amazing Race, two hours of Celebrity Apprentice, the final run of Desperate Housewives and our new addiction, GCB (which ran delicious back-to-back episodes last night). Then the TV gods went and brought back Game of Thrones, The Killing and Mad Men, as well as Showtime's lineup of Nurse Jackie, The Big C and The Borgias all in the same month? Our DVRs runneth over!

And our Sundays are running later and later, especially since we also need to remember that Discovery'sFrozen Planet is must-see and that The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to own a sad, self-loathing part of us that can't look away. Oh, and yeah, Eastbound & Down,Chopped and Iron Chef America also should be added to the list because, come on, they're amazing.

So what are we suppose to do? That's over 14 hours in one night and some of us really need some our rest! How do you handle the gridlock of great TV on Sunday nights? Have you broken up with some shows to pick up new ones? Or do you just skip sleep and watch until the sun comes up? Share your secrets in the comments section below.

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