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Washington Post TV columnist, Lisa De Moraes, leaving in May

Date March 11, 2013

By Greg Gilman

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - The Washington Post's longtime television columnist, Lisa de Moraes, is leaving "The TV Column" and the newspaper at the end of May to move to California, she told TheWrap on Monday.

De Moraes has written for the paper for nearly 15 years and "loved every minute of it," but after six years of making a 2,700-mile commute to see her Los Angeles-based husband, has decided to live "full-time" on the West Coast.

"I will be leaving 'The TV Column' in the Post at the end of the television season," de Moraes explained. "So that I can go live full-time with my husband - with whom I have had a commuting marriage for the last six years - in Los Angeles."

Before covering the television business for the Post, de Moraes was the Hollywood Reporter's TV editor for 10 years. As for her future, she did not share any professional plans with TheWrap.

When contacted by TheWrap, the Washington Post had no comment on de Moraes' departure.

Politico first reported this story.

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