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Veteran TV Producer Robert Halmi Sr. Dies at 90

Date July 31, 2014

Robert Halmi Sr.

Robert Halmi, Sr., a prolific TV producer who championed projects including television versions of GypsyIn Cold Blood and Gulliver's Travels, died Wednesday at his home in New York City, The Associated Press reports. He was 90.

Born in Hungary, Halmi came to the United States in 1951 and began working as a photographer for magazines including Sports Illustrated and Life. In the mid-1960s, he changed careers and became a producer.

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Among the more than 200 programs and miniseries Halmi produced were Gypsy (1993) starring Bette MidlerThe Lion in Winter (2003) starring Glenn CloseGulliver's Travels(1996) starring Ted Danson, and In Cold Blood (1996) with Anthony Edwards. He also produced the 1994 miniseries Scarlett, a sequel to Gone with the Wind.

Halmi often co-produced with his son, Robert Halmi, Jr. In total, his projects earned 480 Emmy nominations and 136 Emmy Award wins.

At the time of his death, Halmi was working on Olympus, a new series for Syfy.

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