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USA Networks Moves 'Fairly Legal' & 'In Plain Sight' To Friday Nights

Date January 04, 2012
USA Networks Moves 'Fairly Legal' & 'In Plain Sight' To Friday Nights

Could this be the beginning of the end for "Fairly Legal"?

USA announced both the Sarah Shahi-headlined series and "In Plain Sight" will move to Friday nights for their upcoming new seasons, launching March 16, according to Variety.

"Fairly Legal" aired Thursdays in its first season, which kicked off in January 2011, while "In Plain Sight" had been a Sunday night staple. However, in August, it was announced that the Mary McCormack-starring show would get a fifth and final season, shortened from its usual 13 to eight episodes.

"Fairly Legal's" pick up for a second season was announced in May. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the sophomore series will have a new showrunner: "The Office" executive producer Peter Ocko. And that's not the only behind-the-scenes change for "Fairly Legal": In October, it was announced that Ryan Johnson would join the series as a regular, playing Ben Grogan, a hotshot trial attorney known for bringing in big money.

The show's move to Fridays may be seen as the kiss of death, but Fridays do better on cable networks than broadcast and the last day of the work week has treated USA shows well. "Monk," "Psych" and "White Collar" all debuted on Fridays.

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