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TV Stars Dish On The Red Carpet

Date January 15, 2012

TV stars are out in full force for the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony. Favorites from "Glee," "Modern Family" and "Breaking Bad" held nothing back on the red carpet. From plot twists to fashion choices, here's what they had to share.

Amy Poehler
First-time nominee Amy Poehler told NBC that as excited she is about the Globes, she's most thrilled about "Parks and Recreation. "It's like a dream job. To be nominated is great, but I feel like to go to work every day is a dream." Her husband, "Up All Night" star Will Arnett said he's also enjoying his show. "Every time a parent tells me they watch the show, I feel like we're doing something right," he said.

Matt LeBlanc
The "Episodes" star said although he plays himself an "Episodes" -- a performance that earned him a Golden Globe nomination -- it's only a version of himself. "It's not a documentary. It's a crazier wilder, more damaged version of myself. Or that's what I like to tell people anyway," he told NBC. When asked if he was at all like his "Friends" character Joey Tribbiani, he said, "Maybe a little bit, not too much."

Dianna Agron
"Glee" star Dianna Agron couldn't help but gush about the upcoming Michael Jackson episode. "We put so much work into it and it's going to be amazing," she told E!'s Ryan Seacrest

Lea Michele
When she wasn't busy belting out songs on set of "Glee," Lea Michele told Ryan Seacrest she made time to see almost all the Golden Globe-nominated films. Some of her favorites? "Loved 'My Week With Marilyn, 'The Iron Lady' and 'We Need to Talk About Kevin.'"

Cory Monteith
The "Glee" star will be back for Season 4, but what's coming up for Finn? "A lot of drama between him and Rachel," he told Ryan Seacrest. "Yes I am going to be in Season 4."

Ryan Kwanten
The "True Blood" star disappointed fans by telling NBC that he won't be shirtless when he guest stars on "New Girl." "It's a Valentine's Day episode so on paper, [my character] seems like everything a girl would want for Valentine's Day, but turns out, he's not that guy." As for his bloodsucking HBO drama, Kwanten said it's the "most controversial season yet," adding, "Any doors we busted open in previous seasons, we're busting down." He warned, "Expect the unexpected."

Tina Fey
The "30 Rock" star wore an Oscar de la Renta gown and was happy to be gussied up for the night. "My character dresses like a man-- sneakers, jeans, sweatshirts," Fey told NBC about Liz Lemon. "It's a nice change of pace." Apparently, her daughter Alice also shares her passion for dressing up. "If my daughter was here, she would work this carpet bald!" Fey joked.

Lauren Dern
The "Enlightened" star, who was nominated for a Golden Globe, told NBC that her character is "misguided at times." To accompany her on for the big name, Dern brought her mom Diane Ladd, who also plays her mother on the show.

Zooey Deschanel
Wearing a one-of-a-kind Prada gown, first-time nominee Zooey Deschanel told E!: "It's very exciting. I brought my sister. It's very, very much fun. I'm excited." The "New Girl" star was dressed from head to toe to finger nails for the evening: Her manicure had tuxedos on them.

Jane Lynch
The 2011 Emmys host was happy to leave the hosting duties to Ricky Gervais for the Golden Globes. "The live part of the opening number, my heart was in my mouth," she told E! of the experience.

Rob Lowe
"It's such a great group," the "Parks and Recreation" star told NBC. And he hopes his co-star Amy Poehler takes home the award. "I'm gonna tackle her if she's too drunk," he joked. "She has a very bad drinking problem."

Evan Rachel Wood
Clad in Gucci, the Golden Globe nominee for her performance in the "Mildred Pierce" miniseries, said she's glad the project is getting so many accolades. "I think it really deserves it," she told NBC.

Claire Danes
Dressed up in a gorgeous J. Mendel gown, the "Homeland" star and nominee told NBC, "I'm so excited to be here. I"m really really happy to be here." The actress brought her mom as her date. But after all the intensity of her Showtime political thriller, is she still nervous for the big Golden Globe moment? "Yeah, sure," she told Ryan Seacrest with a laugh. "We're having fun," Danes said about her night with mom.

Eric Stonestreet
Nominee Eric Stonestreet made last minute decisions about his wardrobe for the Golden Globes, but showed up looking sharp. He joked about the ensemble cast competing with one another and who's on which list. "I give Jesse some trouble every once in a while," he told E! of his on-screen partner Jesse Tyler Furgeson. "We love each other. A win for the Emmys is a win for our cast." The night before the Globes, Stonestreet's Twitter was hacked and whoever did it, was hocking weight loss pills. "I think there's some cruel irony there," he joked.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Ringer" star wore a Monique Lhullier gown, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Bvlgari bag to the Golden Globes. Gellar told E! that her toddler picked her ensemble. "My two year old walked in, saw this dress, and said, 'Mama, wear this,'" she said. "My husband has an opinion too, 'Doesn't mean I listen to it,'" she joked of Freddie Prinze Jr., who was home watching football. "This is worst date night I could possibly think of. For us, date night is usually iHop!" The two have been married for 12 years, which she joked, is like 92 years in Hollywood.

Diane Lane
With her husband on her arm and dressed in a gold Reem Acra gown, the nominee for "Cinema Verite" talked about reenacting the lives of the "very first family that allowed cameras into their homes," when talking to E!

Ariel Winter
"Modern Family's" middle second Dunphy daughter Ariel Winter told E! that she was "a little nervous," but "I think it's really cool" to be at the Golden Globes. Clad in a purple Dolce & Gabanna dress, the pre-teen star, who is just a couple weeks shy of her 14th birthday, said she wants a puppy or a cell phone for the occasion. Giuliana Rancic, shocked that Winter is sans cell, asked the actress, "How do you talk to your cast and crew?" She replied, simply, "I see them in person!"

Adam Levine
"The Voice" coach and judge sported a big bow tie with his Tom Ford tux and told E! that he wasn't stressed about the evening, since he'd never been before and isn't nominated. "I just want to have a good time and enjoy this amazing thing so I'm in a good place right now," he said.

Nicole Richie
Wearing a metallic Julien MacDonald metallic gown and a long ponytail, upcoming "Fashion Star" mentor told E! she's looking forward to the show. "It's very, very exciting!"

Sofia Vergara
"We're so happy we're all here," a Vera Wang-clad Sofia Vergara told E! "All the 'Modern Family' family is here," she added, before co-star Julie Bowen showed up to stand by her side. When she made her exit, Ryan Seacrest asked if she needed help. "No," she said. "I'm just gonna slide."

Julie Bowen
"I can outgun her," Bowen told E! of her co-star Vergara. The "Modern Family" actress, dressed in a peach Reem Acra gown, said, "I'm trying to look like a girl, Even when I got married I didn't wear a full length gown."

Jesse Tyler Furgeson
"Sofia is really like her character," the "Modern Family" star told E! "She calls stewardesses on the plane, 'height-waiters.'"

Bryan Cranston
The "Breaking Bad" star, dressed in John Varvatos, told E! that he's not really into reading reviews of his critically-acclaimed show. "I don't ever go online to read things... I would rather work than talk about work or reflect on work," Cranston said. "I'm a worker bee."

Matthew Morrison
"I think it's a revolutionary show to begin with," the actor said of the rumors about "Glee's" next season. "I can't wait to hear that revolutionary news ... I here rumblings that the Lea's and Corey's are staying around." As for his character Will's upcoming proposal on Tuesday night's episode, he said, "It's done in a way I've never seen before." 

Steve Buscemi
The nominee for his performance as Nucky Thompson told NBC he loves working on "Boardwalk Empire." "It's the best," he said.

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