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Teri Shields, Brooke Shields' Mother, Dies at 79

Date November 06, 2012

Teri and Brooke Shields

Teri Shields, Brooke Shields' mother and former manager, died last Wednesday at the age of 79, The New York Timesreports. She passed away from a long illness related to dementia in Manhattan.

Born Theresa Anna Lillian Schmon, Teri was a cosmetics saleswoman and model until she met Frank Shields, a former tennis player. The pair conceived Brooke five months before they married and quickly split. After Brooke was born, Teri pushed her daughter into show business.

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At 11 months old, Brooke landed an Ivory soap commercial. Teri went on to get her daughter a role as a teen prostitute in Pretty Baby,as well as the infamous Calvin Klein jeans campaign.

Throughout her position as Brooke's manager, Teri faced accusations of exploiting her child, though she always defended her actions as attempts to do what was best for her daughter.

Teri's role in her daughter's career often caused tension between the pair, particularly when Brooke began managing her own career in her 20s. Brooke also spoke out about her mother's struggles with alcohol in a New York Timesinterview in 1994.

Besides Brooke, Teri is survived by her son-in-law, producer Chris Henchy, and two granddaughters.

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