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Television Fund admitting new patients

Date January 25, 2012

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - The Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) will immediately begin admitting people to the long-term care unit on its Wasserman campus in Woodland Hills, the organization said on Wednesday.

The announcement represents a victory for the grassroots group, Saving the Lives of Our Own, which has been agitating for three years for the facility to open its doors to new patients.

After announcing plans to close the facility in 2009, the MPTF stopped admitting new patients. Facing fierce public pressure from campus residents, patients and their families, the MPTF abandoned its closure plans last year.

However, administrators said they would not admit new residents until they found another healthcare provider to partner with to share the administrative and financial burden of keeping the long-term care unit open.

The number of patients has dwindled from nearly 150 when the closure plans were first announced to just 29 patients.

First priority for admission will be given to former MPTF long-term care residents who moved off campus in 2009. MPTF's long-term care unit, when fully occupied, will allow for 40 residents.

"We are excited to finally be able to bring more residents into long-term care," Bob Beitcher, president and CEO of MPTF, said in a statement. "This will be a pivotal moment for current long-term care residents and their families, other campus residents, and staff. It will restore the continuum of care on campus everyone has been hoping for," Beitcher said.

MPTF's long-term care and dementia care units will continue to be exclusive to entertainment industry members.

"We wish to thank those in the rank-and-file as well as the prominent industry figures who worked together to uphold the Fund's historic mission and move it forward making this day possible," Saving the Lives of Our Own said in a statement. "That the MPTF has embraced Long Term Care on our Wasserman campus is a victory for everyone."

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