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'Survivor' Host Plans Indie With John Corbett and Sarah Bolger

Date January 11, 2012
'Survivor' Host Plans Indie With John Corbett and Sarah Bolger

The tribe has spoken -- and apparently it wants to see more from Jeff Probst, director extraordinaire. (Groan, but still.)

Probst -- best known as the hat-wearing host of the long-running CBS reality series "Survivor" -- is ready to make his first film in eleven years with "Kiss Me." The indie drama focuses on a young girl (Sarah Bolger, "The Tudors") who wears a back brace for her scoliosis and must navigate relationships with her family, friends and the older man (John Corbett) she works for as a babysitter. (That should go well.)

This might seem like a totally random departure for Probst, but the Emmy winner has previous directing experience. He helmed the 2001 movie "Finder's Fee," which starred James Earl Jones, Matthew Lillard and an up-and-coming actor named Ryan Reynolds.

"Kiss Me" is set to begin filming in Los Angeles this February. Expect it to hit the festival circuit sometime next year.

[via THR]

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