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'Supernatural' Gets Animated ... Sort Of

Date November 30, 2011
'Supernatural' gets 'Mad' Apologies for the semi-misleading headline, 'Supernatural' fans -- sadly the show is not taking a page out of the 'Fringe' playbook and tackling a psychedelic animated episode; at least, not as far as we know. (Although there's always the anime series.)

But for those of you who take your Winchesters in 3D, 2D and heck, any way you can get them, AOL TV has an exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming 'MAD' episode, featuring Sam and Dean facing one of their most frightening foes yet: a teenage girl celebrating her Super(natural) Sweet Sixteen.

The parody airs next week (Mon., Dec. 5 at 8.30PM ET on Cartoon Network), but you can get a first look at the hilarious skit after the jump. Prepare to learn more than you ever wanted to know about Dean's taste in shoes ...

Though Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles don't lend their dulcet tones to the cartoon, we hope you'll find it as giggle-worthy as we did. Don't forget to tune in next Monday to catch the full sketch on 'MAD' -- after all, we might need something to cheer us up after Friday's midseason finale.

'Supernatural' airs Fridays at 9PM ET on The CW. The 'MAD' sketch airs next Monday, Dec. 5 at 8.30PM ET on Cartoon Network.

What do you think of Sam and Dean's cartoon makeover? Do you think the characters could have a future on Cartoon Network after the show ends?

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