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'Sometimes You Just Want to Laugh'

Date November 30, 2011
The Exes Cast TV Land is reuniting some veteran sitcom stars for their new series, 'The Exes' (premieres Wed., Nov. 30, 10:30PM ET).

If seeing the likes of 'Seinfeld' alum Wayne Knight, '3rd Rock From the Sun' Emmy winner Kristen Johnston and 'Scrubs' star Donald Faison play off one another every week isn't enough to get you to tune in, AOL TV asked the stars of the new comedy to give you their reasons why you should watch.

"Because it's funnyyyyyyyy," Kelly Stables said on the red carpet at TV Land's premiere party. "That's a lot of Ys there. The characters are terrific, the cast ... not only are they funny people, but they are funny actors."

The series follows three divorced men who live in an apartment building owned by their divorce lawyer, Holly, played by Kristen Johnston. Stables plays Holly's hard-partying assistant, Eden.

David Alan Basche had a different -- albeit not very serious -- answer.

"Oh, well, I need the money," he said. "So if they could watch a lot and keep the show running for about six years, I figure I got the daughter's college tuition. That wasn't actually true, by the way. We're not reinventing the wheel, it's just plain old funny."

On the show, Basche plays Stuart, the new "needy, clean, controlling, fussy" roommate.

Wayne Knight, who plays another one of the roommates, said the show fits in the tradition of TV Land's original sitcoms -- it's very familiar comedy.

"I think they should watch us because this is a grand old form of comedy and we've got some pros doing it," Knight said. "Sometimes you just want to laugh. You don't want to learn anything about surviving, you don't want to learn anything about a police procedure or how to find blood-spatter under a nail -- you just want to laugh. This is where you can do it."

Tell us: Will you watch 'The Exes'?

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