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Since There's No New 'Community' Tonight, Enjoy This 'Community Bingo' Infographic

Date October 20, 2011
Since There's No New 'Community' Tonight, Enjoy This 'Community Bingo' Infographic Last week, the impossible actually happened: AOL TV's critic Mo Ryan enjoyed the 'Remedial Chaos Theory' episode of 'Community.' She enjoyed it so thoroughly, in fact, that she asked readers to suggest their favorite episodes so she could catch up on the cult-comedy.

To celebrate that momentous occasion, and because there will be no new episode of 'Community' on this evening (sad face), enjoy this 'Community Bingo' infographic after the jump ... and leave your episode suggestions for Mo in the comments.

We are guessing that you have played online bingo seeing as there are that many online bingo sites out there, but for you that haven’t the rules are really simple. Print of the bingo card and then mark of the characters that perform the assigned actions. It is that simple. Come on, everyone has played a game of bingo before…where have you been?

Community Bingo
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