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Scandal Scoop: Bellamy Young Promoted to Series Regular

Date June 12, 2012

Bellamy Young

Sorry, Olivia and Fitz fans: The president's malicious wife will be sticking around next season on Scandal.

Bellamy Young has been promoted to series regular on the ABC professional fixer drama, TVGuide.com has learned.

During the first season, Young portrayed First Lady Mellie Grant, the wife of President Grant (Tony Goldwyn). She became one of the more polarizing characters after viewers discovered that there was no actual love between the couple — and that she faked a miscarriage to help Fitz get ahead in the polls during the primary. Olivia (Kerry Washington), perhaps wisely, gave up Fitz for good in the finale so Mellie could save his presidency.

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But just because Mellie is sticking around doesn't mean she and Fitz will find common ground any time soon, particularly since her pants are still on fire, as she lied and said she was pregnant in the season finale. (Their poor potential offspring!) "I don't think they're going to settle down into happiness," executive producer Shonda Rhimes recently told TVGuide.com. "But they play the happy couple quite well these days. A baby's got to come from somewhere, so that's going to be an interesting road for them."

As TVGuide.com first reported, Joshua Malina has also been promoted to series regular. Lostalum Henry Ian Cusick will not be returning for the second season.

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