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Russell Brand Late-Night Talk Show Coming to FX Canada

Date January 11, 2012
Russell Brand Late-Night Talk Show Coming to FX Canada

Russell Brand may have lost Katy Perry, but he's gained a late-night talk show. That's right -- while Katy maintains her stranglehold on the radio and dons a new wig as a single lady, her soon-to-be-ex and his haughty English accent will give the small screen a go.

The actor-comedian is set to host and produce FX Canada's first unscripted late-night talk series, and like his brand (no pun intended) of comedy, expect it to be edgy and uncensored.

"With one of Hollywood's most unfiltered and original comedians at the helm, Russell Brand's new talk series will revolutionize late-night with a daring, engaging and honest take on current events," said Scott Moore, President of Broadcasting, Rogers Media Inc.

Brand issued his own statement, declaring: "I am so excited I'm on the point of climax. In fact, I will put the 'O' into FX, which spells FOX, which is actually the channel's real name."

Details of the series will be unveiled at a later date, but it is set to debut this spring. The show will consist of six half-hour installments shot in front of a live audience, and Brand will interact with those in the studio and share his opinion on topics ranging from pop culture to politics.

The program still doesn't have a name, though considering how cutting edge the network is, I'm hoping "The Russell Brand Show" has been vetoed. Since "An Idiot Abroad" has been spoken for, I'm throwing "Rusty at Night" into the ring.

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