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Romney's Big Bird Comments Give Rise to Million Muppet March

Date October 04, 2012

The Muppets

Mitt Romney's comments about cutting funding to PBS during Wednesday's presidential debate have inspired a new political demonstration: The Million Muppet March.

"I like Big Bird," the Republican nominee said Wednesday, while explaining that cutting funding to PBS and other public arts and education programs would be part of his plan to balance the budget. Apparently the feeling isn't mutual.

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Spurred on by Romney's position, supporters of President Barack Obama are planning to hold a demonstration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 3rd called the "Million Muppet March." 

"Bring your best fuzzy, feathered, felted friends with you and show your support for Big Bird, Muppets, PBS and all that is good," reads a statement on to the movement's official(?) website, MillionMuppetMarch.com.

The best Twitter responses to Wednesday's presidential debate

It's unclear who specifically is behind the demonstration, although the group had nearly 800 "Likes" on its Facebook page as of early Thursday afternoon, about 14 hours after it was created.

Romney's comments about the beloved Sesame Street character also inspired parody Twitter handles such as @FiredBigBird, @FiredGrover, @FiredElmo and @FiredKermit.

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