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Return For '30 Rock' Star

Date January 07, 2012
Return For '30 Rock' Star

Alec Baldwin is back on Twitter.

After deactivating his account on the social media service following an incident on an American Airlines plane in early December -- which he wrote about for HuffPost -- the "30 Rock" Emmy winner has returned to the world of 140 characters.

He tweeted a simple message to start, declaring his presence with a "Back on Twitter." He then wished his fans a Happy New Year, and tweeted about his vacation with girlfriend Hilaria Thomas.

How often he will use the service remains to be seen, but given his last round on the site, in which he spoke candidly about politics, his career and his travels, there's a chance it could prove an equally fun time for his fans and followers.

It was revealed earlier this week that Baldwin will be making another comeback of sorts; Tina Fey said on "Late Show" that he has signed on for a potential seventh season of "30 Rock" despite his having said that the upcoming sixth season would be his last.

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