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MTV's 'True Life' To Feature Gay Bears And 'Chubby Chasers'

Date January 09, 2012
MTV's 'True Life' To Feature Gay Bears And 'Chubby Chasers'

Gay men are still stereotyped in mainstream media as being gym bunnies -- and judging by the results of a recent British poll, nearly half would be willing to make significant sacrifices in pursuit of the perfect body.

Now, MTV is turning the spotlight onto a somewhat less-heralded subset of the community: gay bears and their self-proclaimed "chubby chaser" admirers.

The preview clip features 26-year-Justin, who says, "I'm not attracted to muscle, I'm attracted to mass." Though Justin fears his conservative parents dismiss his relationship with boyfriend Josh as merely a fetish, he goes on to note, "When I'm with a bear, I feel safe because of his size. I like feeling dwarfed by this individual –- a protector almost."

Check out the trailer for episode, set to air Jan. 11.

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