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MLB Reaches 8-Year Agreement with Fox and Turner Broadcasting

Date October 02, 2012

MLB logo

Major League Baseball announced a new eight-year agreement with Fox Sports Media Group and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. on Tuesday.

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As part of the deal, which takes effect in 2014, Fox has gained the rights to broadcast the World Series and All-Star game through 2021, with Fox, TBS and MLB Network sharing the League Championship Series and Division Series. The MLB Network will also gain two Division Series games from Fox.

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Each deal also includes digital "TV Everywhere" rights, enabling the streaming of televised games and MLB-related programming online and to mobile devices.

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"I have often said in recent years that we are living in the golden age of baseball and that the game has never been more popular. But to see the unprecedented and historic commitment these networks have made to televising Major League Baseball for years to come is truly amazing," said baseball commissioner Allan H. Selig. "On behalf of Major League Baseball, I am thrilled that we will continue our relationships with both FOX and Turner. Both networks are passionate about baseball and are committed."

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