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'Melissa Joey' renewed for fourth season by ABC Family

Date May 28, 2013

By Tim Kenneally

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - Melissa Joan Hart's adventures in crowd-funding might have fizzled, but she still has a place at ABC Family.

The network has given a fourth season to Hart's comedy "Melissa & Joey," the network said Tuesday.

ABC has also given a back order for additional episodes for the third season of "Melissa & Joey," which premieres May 29. The additional episodes of the third season will air next year.

The back order and renewal will bring the series to 100 seasons, which will make the series the first ABC Family comedy to do so.

"One hundred episodes is a great accomplishment for any series, and we are thrilled to give ‘Melissa & Joey' the opportunity to achieve this milestone, as they've delivered hundreds and hundreds of laughs over the seasons," said Kate Juergens, Executive Vice President, Programming and Development and Chief Creative Officer, ABC Family.

The series, which stars Hart as local politician and former wild child Mel Burke and "Blossom" alum Joey Lawrence as her "manny" Joe Longo, has delivered solid ratings from the network since its premiere, which was ABC Family's most-watched comedy debut ever.

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