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Mega Buzz: Hawaii Five-0 Returns and New Faces on Grey's, Castle

Date July 10, 2012

Alex O'Loughlin, Ellen Pompeo, Stana Katic

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet them to @adam_bryant or @NatalieAbrams.

Got anyHawaii Five-0scoop not related to McGarrett's mom? — Melissa
You mean you don't want to know that McGarrett's recently MIA galpal Catherine shamelessly flirts with a witness protection agent to get details on Mama McGarrett's whereabouts? OK, fine: I also hear that Ed Asner's art collector/smuggler August March will be back this season. McGarrett will call on him when a band of armed thieves knock over a years-old art gallery and make off with a couple of priceless paintings. However, the simple heist eventually gives way to a kidnapping, a hostage situation and a deadly shootout.

Please tell me you have something, anything on Grey's Anatomy! — Jackie
Among the new castings for the season premiere — besides two new docs, a couple of medical professionals and a new resident — are two flight attendants. Either Shonda Rhimes really wants to make the fans suffer with a flashback to the actual crash, or the Stranded Six Five will have to get back on the horse plane to return to Seattle. Where's Dr. Perkins when you need him?

Got any other teases about the new season ofCastle? — Diane
You know how creator Andrew W. Marlowe said Beckett's mother's murder would definitely be solved this season? Well, we'll meet a couple of new faces in the Season 5 premiere, who, because of some heated conflict with Beckett, we can only assume are suspects in the case. One problem: They are slightlymore important than a few crooked NYPD cops -- one is a senator and the other is... the vice president! Somebody get Deep Throat on the line!

Got any more scoop on The Walking Dead? — George
In case you missed Sunday's special episode of Talking Dead, showrunner Glen Mazzara teased that Daryl is going to be the new No. 2 to replace Shane and The Governor believes he's the messiah of the zombie apocalypse. (Both sound awesome!) Plus: Mazzara also recently teased to us that there will be a whole new character this season notfrom the comics who, he hopes, will become a fan favorite.

YourCriminal Mindspreview mentionedMorgan and Garcia working together in London. Um, details, please! — Lacie
Sorry, 'shippers, but executive producer Erica Messer says it was not a romantic getaway. "I think it was work, but it isa romantic place to go," Messer says with a laugh. "Maybe some pictures will surface of their trip, but in our heads there was nothing more than [the two of them] walking the streets of London with one another." Bollocks!

American Horror Story, please! — Luke
Even though Jessica Lange is playing the polar opposite of Constance — she's a nun! — her straight-talking, tough love personality will still be felt next season through her character's boss, an elder no-nonsense Mother Superior at the asylum. Bring Frances Conroy back!

What kind of role will Clay play on Sons of Anarchynow that he's no longer president? — Mark
Given Clay's physical impairments (it takes some time to recover from taking a bullet to the lung), he will be a bit on the sidelines, which should give him some time to reflect on what he's lost. And we don't just mean his power in the club. "We'll see a Clay that's broken and somewhat contrite," executive producer Kurt Sutter teases. "He's impacted by all the sh-- that happened, especially the stuff with Gemma. Gemma was his touchstone and with Gemma gone, that's the biggest hole for Clay. That his relationship unraveled is as devastating to him as losing the patch or his seat as president." 

Will Klaus and Elijah be back on The Vampire Diaries next season?? They're my favorites! — Sarah
NATALIE: Well, we've got good news and... great news! Although executive producer Julie Plecwouldn't confirm to us if Joseph Morgan would be in the Season 4 premiere, we now have official confirmation that he'll be back, thanks to this table read photo. Even better, Daniel Gillies was included in the upcoming season's promotional photo shoot! Looks like the Original brothers will be back in action.

Breaking Badis almost here! Got any teases? — Chris
Unlike last season's opener, Season 5 begins relatively violence-free. But (multiple) bodies start dropping in Episode 2, thanks somewhat to the crack investigative skills of Hank and his DEA cohorts, who begin sniffing out the other key members of Gus' meth-making operation, who have lots to answer for in the wake of Gus' death. Also, fair warning: The episode may give you a craving for chicken nuggets.

Any chance Maleficent will return next season on Once Upon a Time? — Rosie
Seeing as Sleeping Beauty was just added to the second season, it's likely we haven't seen the last of Maleficent. Kristin Bauer may have Rumplestiltskin to thank for that. "I was hoping when that mist strolled into town that that meant that anything is possible," the True Bloodvixen tells us.

What else can you tell me about the new season ofLeverage? — Amanda
Fans of Parker and Hardison's relationship are finally going to get what they want! "Parker and Hardison are officially dating now and they're having to deal with what it's like to be in a relationship," executive producer Dean Devlin says. "Neither of them have been in one before, and it's a very different demand on them. How do they respect each other? How do they deal with each other? How do they make this relationship work when they themselves are going through so many changes?"

Will Tom Mason & Co. actually make it to Charleston on Falling Skies? — Nico
It won't happen any time soon, but yes, they will eventually make it there. Unfortunately, there will be more problems along the way. In an early August episode, "Tensions are running high and we're all finding ourselves in very confined spaces as we make the final push to Charleston," Drew Roy tells us. "Gas is becoming a problem, and we see some personalities clashing. Some people act in certain ways that really sheds light on the different relationships between these people."

Natalie's Mega Rave:While Drew Carey was a waste on Sunday's Talking Deadspecial, it was worth sticking around until the end for the amazing Michonne clip from next season's The Walking Dead, in which she decapitates three zombies in the quest to get some aspirin. Delicious irony.

Adam's Mini Rant:TNT's Perceptionwas harmless enough, but do we really need another genius crime-solver? Eric McCormack could do much more with this damaged character than figure out whodunits.

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(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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