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Me-Too TV To Air a Tribute to Ernest Borgnine

Date July 09, 2012
Me-Too TV will air a ‘Tribute to Ernest Borgnine,’ Tuesday (Tomorrow), July 10 from 7 pm – 11 pm.

Magnum P.I.
7:00 PM - Mr. White Death
When a new acquaintance -- a former boxing champion who now wrestles in down-and-out clubs – learns that Magnum is a private investigator, he asks him to find his son, whom he was forced to leave many years ago.

McHale’s Navy
8:00 PM - The Fugitive Ensign
Thinking he’s killed Binghamton, Parker – A wanted man, on the run, and with a price on his head – Is rescued by McHale and The Boys, and McHale cooks up a wild plan, to try to get him off the hook!

8:30 PM - The Return of Giuseppe
Both suspected of wartime crimes, McHale and his identical Italian Cousin Giuseppe must switch places, in order to try to fool Binghamton and General Grayson.

9:00 PM - Little Red Riding Doctor
McHale gets crowned the King of the Town much to Captain’s frustrations.

9:30 PM - McHale’s Country Club Caper
The Captain asks McHale for help.

10:00 PM - My Son, The Skipper
Parker is left in command but the Captain does not make it easy for him.

10:30 PM - Wally for Congress
The Captain has a major scare during the fake attack of the islands.
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