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Man With 'The Wire' Name Arrested In Baltimore

Date January 02, 2012
Man With 'The Wire' Name Arrested In Baltimore

The HBO hit "The Wire" was known for its gritty, realistic portrayal of inner city crime in Baltimore. But it never got this real.

Justin Fenton, a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun, tweeted on Sunday that a man named Omar Little Jr. had been arrested on gun charges in the city. The catch? The alleged criminal shares a name with the fan favorite "Wire" stickup artist played by Michael K. Williams who survives by holding up other criminals for cash and other goods.

Series creator David Simon was himself a police reporter for the Sun, and based some of the show's details on his own experiences. When Fenton reached out to him for comment, Simon insisted that the incident was a "coincidence, completely."

Check out the tweets below (via The Daily What):

Justin Fenton

No joke: Someone named Omar Little Jr. was arrested in Baltimore last night on a handgun charge

Justin Fenton

If you saw my tweet last night about an arrest of an Omar Little Jr, I reached out to David Simon, who says it is "coincidence, completely"

Justin Fenton

(That is, he's saying the name wasn't derived from a real person in the city..)

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