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Kiefer Sutherland Gives '24' Movie Update, Talks New Fox Drama 'Touch'

Date January 08, 2012
Kiefer Sutherland Gives '24' Movie Update, Talks New Fox Drama 'Touch'

Kiefer Sutherland finally gave fans of Fox's real-time terrorism drama "24" the answers that they've been waiting for, while addressing a group of reporters at the 2012 Television Critics Association winter press tour.

"We will be shooting end of April or beginning of May," said Sutherland, via a tweet from TV Guide. He then added that the movie will be “relatively a direct continuation" after the "24" finale. "We’re talking maybe six months from the end of that episode,” reports TVLine.

Similar to the series, the film will follow a 24-hour crisis period for the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Meanwhile, Sutherland also adressed his return to the Fox Network in the new midseason drama, "Touch." The actor revealed that he had no intention of returning to TV, until he read the "Touch" script," which he connected to on a "personal level," TV Guide reported via tweet.

"Touch" stars Sutherland as Martin Bohm, a former journalist and luggage handler whose wife was killed in the September 11 attacks. His son, played by David Mazouz, is an autistic and mute boy, who is obsessed with numbers and can predict future events.

During the TCA panel, Sutherland told the group of reporters: "The real driving force for my character is simply communicating with my son."

"Touch" premieres March 19 on Fox.

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