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Keck's Exclusives: Who Will Get Lost on Once Upon a Time?

Date July 09, 2012

Jorge Garcia

Don't assume Alan Dale (King George) and newly promoted series regular Emilie de Ravin (Belle) are the only former Lost actors you'll see as Disney characters on ABC's Once Upon a Time next season. The drama's creators (and former Lostproducers) Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell me they're hoping to find a part for Jorge Garcia now that his Alcatrazhas been canceled. While the producers wouldn't say what role they have in mind for Garcia, can't you see him as Pinocchio's demented puppetmaster, Stromboli?

They did reveal a few characters who will be making their debuts in Season 2: Ariel from The Little Mermaid, as well as Aladdin and Jafar, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah, from Aladdin. Kitsis suggests Naveen Andrews (Lost's Sayid) as Jafar, and with her ruby red locks, don't you think Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) would rock a set of seashells under the sea as Ariel?

Just for fun, Lost's former executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof chimed in with their casting thoughts. Cuse suggests "a fantastic twist with Josh Holloway revealing that Prince Charming is an impostor and he's the real prince." And Lindelof would get a kick out of seeing the hated Nikki and Paulo as Lady and the Tramp: "I just want to watch those two share a plate of spaghetti!" 

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