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Keck's Exclusives: First Look: Sandra Bernhard Kidnaps the GCBs!

Date April 17, 2012

Sandra Bernhard, GCB

The God-fearin' ladies of ABC's GCB are about to face their biggest adversary this side of Satan when the fabulously outrageous Sandra Bernhard guest stars on the ABC soap's May 6 season finale (or series finale, depending upon ABC's pick-up plans).

Bernhard plays Jewish eco terrorist Debby Horowitz, who kidnaps the ladies at the ground-breaking of the Condos for Christian Living, a resort they've invested in. "They're the perfect crowd to torment — these people with their big hair and over-the-top attitudes pretending on Sunday they're do-gooders," Sandra says. "I bring my people together to put a stop to this project and hold them all hostage in a weird abandoned shed."

The ladies eventually end up running for their lives in the hot desert; the action was filmed over three days in Palmdale, Cal. "I had to walk through the sand with my heels on," bemoans Kristin Chenoweth (Carlene). "I just have to say, my calves are now in the best shape of their lives!"

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