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Jon Hamm Reveals March 25 Return

Date January 09, 2012
Jon Hamm Reveals March 25 Return

Rejoice, "Mad Men" fans! Season 5 of the four-time Emmy-winning drama finally has a return date. On the "Doug Loves Movies" podcast on Friday, Jon Hamm revealed that "Mad Men" will return to AMC on March 25.

Aside from the premiere date, Hamm revealed very little about "Mad Men's" fifth season. We do know, however, that Hamm directed the Season 5 premiere episode.

Following intense negotiations with the network earlier this year, Matthew Weiner, the Emmy-winning showrunner behind the 60s-set New York drama, agreed to create three more seasons of the Jon Hamm-starring hit, which would see a series finale come at the end of the seventh season.

For those of you that have been anxiously counting down, that marks 525 days since the Season 4 finale. Oh how we've missed you, Don Draper.

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