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Jersey Shore spinoff banned from filming in Hoboken

Date January 31, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Jan 31 (TheWrap.com) - Sorry, Snooki; you might be a hit with MTV viewers, but the city of Hoboken ain't having you.

Hoboken, N.J., mayor Dawn Zimmer announced on the city's web site Tuesday that the Hoboken Film Commission had unanimously denied a request by 495 Productions to film a "Jersey Shore" spinoff in the city, for a variety of reasons.

During a meeting to determine if allowing the production "would be in the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the community," the city determined that the spin-off -- which would have required a 24-hour filming permit -- would violate the city's rule against filming past 11 p.m. in a residential area.

Moreover, Hoboken's chief of police, Anthony Falco, determined that there would be numerous "public safety problems" involved -- and no, they have nothing to do with citizens slipping in errant piles of hair gel. Falco opined that the "unstructured" production style of "Jersey Shore" would provide "little or no ... site control."

Zimmer also raised concern that, were fans to find out where Snooki and the gang were filming at any given moment, it would make crowd and traffic control impossible.

Finally, Zimmer noted, given Hoboken's active nightlife, "the constant presence of such a production would be an attractive nuisance causing crowds to assemble at every hour of the day and night." (Note: "Attractive nuisance" might be a relative term in this case.)

The mayor also strongly cautioned 495 Productions not to film without the proper permits, which it had admitted to doing for previous productions during a January 24 meeting about the permit application.

"There will be zero tolerance for this kind of approach in the City of Hoboken," Zimmer warned. "Any attempts to film in a manner that is not permitted without a permit will be dealt with immediately and aggressively by the City of Hoboken."

495 Productions still has the option of appealing the decision to the City Council.

MTV has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment on the matter.

(Editing By Zorianna Kit)

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