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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Perform Together for Q'Viva Live Show

Date April 06, 2012

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Exes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are reuniting once again in the name of reality TV.

The singers are set to perform together at a live Q'Vivashow being held in Las Vegas on May 26, Entertainment Weekly reports. The show will feature dozens of acts from the Univision and Fox reality competition, and Lopez and Anthony will perform along with the series' top acts.

Fox makes room for J. Lo's Q'Viva reality show

"This is about creating a live visual experience about Latin culture, rhythm, dance — the likes of which have never been seen," Lopez told EW about the live show in January. The plan is reportedly for Q'Viva to continue in Vegas even without Lopez and Anthony.

The finale of Q'Viva airs Saturday at 11/10c on Fox.

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