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Is Nicole Westbrook the New Rebecca Black? Listen to It's Thanksgiving

Date November 09, 2012

Nicole Westbrook

Move over, Rebecca Black: There's new young singing sensation trying to make her mark with a, ahem, catchy tune.

Spunky tween Nicole Westbrook has released the tune "It's Thanksgiving," in which she croons about how excited she is about the fall feasting holiday. No surprise here -- it's produced by Patrice Wilson, who also wrote Black's insidiously catchy viral hit "Friday."

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Even the lyrics are similar to the simplistic ones from "Friday." Here's a sample: "Oh, oh, oh, it's Thanksgiving Day. We, we, we, we're gonna have a good time. Oh, oh, oh, it's Thanksgiving. We, we, we are gonna have a good time with the turkey, mashed potatoes. We, we, we are gonna have a good time."

Considering "Friday" was ranked 29th on the U.S. Billboard Top 100, and was covered by the likes of Glee and Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, "It's Thanksgiving" should get its 15 minutes — at least until Nov. 23.

Listen to the song below:

What do you think about "It's Thanksgiving"? Is it better than "Friday"?

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