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Ho ho ho! Behold Our List of December TV Treats

Date November 30, 2011
community christmas episode If you wanted to give your DVR a break during the holiday season, it'll have to wait.

The first few weeks of December are jam-packed with finales, specials and mid-season cliffhangers, and there's even a bow-tie clad treat on Christmas Day. In an effort to help you keep track of what's to come and shine a light on some hidden gems, I've come up with a list of notable December TV events.

So grab your eggnog and peruse the following roster, which features appearances from Dominic West, James McAvoy, Emily Watson, Dustin Hoffman, Anna Friel, Pierce Brosnan as well as the 'Sons of Anarchy' crew, the former Saul Tigh and the 'Revenge' divas. It's quite an array of stocking stuffers, no?

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of every finale or special that airs in December. This is just a Mo-curated roster of highlights that I have either seen and liked or will be watching between (or during) present-wrapping sessions.

And if you know of any other notable December finales or TV movies, feel free to share the details in comments!

For fuller descriptions of each of these entries on our holiday TV list, click on the slide show, but here's a bare-bones list you can keep next to your remote:

Friday, Dec. 2

'The Take,' 9PM ET, Encore

Sunday, Dec. 4

'Neverland,' 9PM ET, Syfy

Tuesday, Dec. 6

'Sons of Anarchy' season 4 finale, 10PM ET, FX

'Eureka,' 'Warehouse 13' and 'Haven' specials, 8PM, 9PM and 10PM ET, Syfy

'Hidden City,' 10PM ET, Travel Channel

Wednesday, Dec. 7

'Revenge' mid-season finale, 10PM ET, ABC

'State of Play,' 10PM ET, BBC America

Thursday, Dec. 8

'Community's' last episode until ... sometime in 2012, 8PM ET, NBC

Friday, Dec. 9

'Boss' season 1 finale, 10PM ET, Starz

Saturday, Dec. 10

'Appropriate Adult,' 10PM ET, Sundance Channel

'Snowmaggedon,' 9PM ET, Syfy

Sunday, Dec. 11

'Stephen King's Bag of Bones,' 9PM ET, A&E

'Luck' sneak peek, 10PM ET, HBO

Wednesday, Dec. 14

'Psych' mid-season finale, 10PM ET, USA

Thursday, Dec. 15

'Burn Notice' season 5 finale, 10PM ET, USA

Saturday, Dec. 17

'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis,' 8PM ET, Encore

Sunday, Dec. 18

'Homeland' season 1 finale, 10PM ET, Showtime

Monday, Dec. 19

'Terra Nova' season 1 finale, 8PM ET, Fox

Wednesday, Dec. 21

'American Horror Story' season 1 finale, 10PM ET, FX

Friday, Dec. 23

'Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me,' 8PM ET, BBC America

Sunday, Dec. 25

'Doctor Who' Christmas special, 9PM ET, BBC America

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