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Glee's Lea Michele Joins PETA In Fight Against New York Carriage Horses

Date December 30, 2011

In the ongoing battle against New York City's use of carriage horses, a new voice has entered the debate and she's threatening to leave the city if the tourism industry continues using them.

Glee'sLea Michele stars in a new ad for PETA, where the young actress poses next to a horse with the simple call for action, "Horses don't belong in New York City traffic. Help put horse-drawn carriages out to pasture."

There have been a few disturbing videos recently that showed horses collapsing, some to their death.

The actress took to her Twitter account on Wednesday to say:

New York, u know how much I love you. But if I see another horse & carriage struggling in this winter weather I may not be able 2 be here.

She then tweeted at Mayor Bloomberg to say "please listen to the thousands of people who are saying that they no longer want horse & carriage rides in this city."

Will Michele be the vital push that convinces City Hall to finally put an end to the city's use of carriage horses? Or will the horses stay, thus forcing Michele to move out?

Glee's Lea Michele Joins PETA In Fight Against New York Carriage Horses
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