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Fred Willard Loses Second Job After Lewd Conduct Arrest

Date July 31, 2012

Fred Willard

Fred Willard can't catch a break.

The comedian's improv series Trust Us with Your Life has been canceled by ABC, The Wrapreports. This is the second job Willard has lost since his lewd conduct arrest two weeks ago. He was previously fired by PBS as the narrator of Market Warriors.

Fred Willard jokes about lewd conduct arrest on Late Night

Unlike his PBS axing, it's unlikely that the ABC cancellation is related to Willard's arrest. The comedy series was failing in the ratings and will now be replaced by Wipeout repeats.

Willard still maintains he did nothing wrong during the July 19 incident, in which he was allegedly caught exposing himself in an adult movie theater. He has since been offered an alternative option to complete counseling courses to avoid formal charges.

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