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Family Guy, Haven episodes pulled due to Newtown shootings rescheduled

Date December 19, 2012

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - In a possible sign that the nation - or at least network programmers are beginning to regain their composure after Friday's horrific school shootings in Newtown, Conn., episodes of Fox's "Family Guy" and Syfy's "Haven" have been rescheduled.

The "Family Guy" episode "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," which was initially scheduled to run on Sunday before being pulled from the schedule following the massacre, will now air this upcoming Sunday.

While the episode isn't particularly violent, the holiday parody episode does poke fun at religion - something that might not have sat well in the days following the killings.

An episode of "American Dad" that also was pulled last Sunday has not yet been rescheduled.

The "Reunion" episode of Syfy's "Haven," which was due to air Friday night - the same day of the shootings - will now run on January 17, along with the show's season finale. That episode features fictional gun violence.

In addition to the "Family Guy" and "Haven" postponements, the TLC special "Best Funeral Ever" had its December 26 premiere date pushed back to January, while a recent episode of the ABC drama "Scandal," which depicted the killing of a family of four, was removed from the network's website Monday.

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