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Fall TV Popularity Contest: Did You Like Ben and Kate, The Mindy Project and Vegas?

Date September 25, 2012

Mindy Kaling, Nat Faxon, Dennis Quaid

Were you charmed by Ben and Kate? How does Mindy Kaling fare outside of The Office? And should what happens on Vegas stay in Vegas? Now that these shows have premiered,TVGuide.com wants to know what you thought of them — as well as every other new show this season.

Vote: Which fall premieres won you over? Which flopped?

Do you buy Kaling as an OB/GYN on The Mindy Project, or should she have stayed at Dunder Mifflin? Would you want Nat Faxon's Ben as your brother? And is Vegas, starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, worth taking a gamble on? Vote now!

Check back to see what TVGuide.com users pick as their favorite — and least favorite — new shows. And stay tuned to see the final rankings of the season's most liked and disliked freshman series.

Plus, check out our fall TV calendar to help you keep track of all the premiere dates and when to vote.

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