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Facebook users talk TV five times more than Twitter tweeps

Date July 24, 2013

By Tony Maglio

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - Facebook users are 5 times more engaged on TV topics than those on Twitter, GetGlue and Viggle combined, Trendrr announced on Tuesday.

The user engagement data results come from a Trendrr study using Facebook's data. The analysis of second-screen Facebook activity was conducted during one week in May.

Trendrr chose the time frame for its manageable sample size while there was still regularly scheduled programming on TV, an individual with knowledge of the study told TheWrap.

Skeptics of the results can note that Facebook is 5 times larger (one billion users to 200 million) than Twitter, so it's all relative. Perhaps another factor is Facebook's ease of and variety of options for user engagement. Participation as defined in the study included "likes," comments, shares and posts.

Trendrr found that activity related to broadcast television was 7 times as large, while similar activity for cable was 4.5 as large as the other social networks combined. The findings were particularly high among viewers of dramas and comedies.

The volume of Facebook social activity regarding news programming was twice that of other social networks combined. Live events during airtime, such as sporting events, also showed dramatically higher levels of activity over other social networks.

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