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Exclusive: Suits Wants You! USA Launches Online Game to Work at Pearson Hardman

Date June 11, 2012


Suitsfans: Wanna work at Pearson Hardman? Here's your chance!

USA is launching Suits Recruits, an online social game that will challenge Suitsviewers to solve a legal case with the firm that coincides with the show's second season, which premieres Thursday at 10/9c.

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Starting Monday, the five-week game will run in tandem with on-air story lines and will unfold on multiple platforms, including via www.suitsrecruits.com, Facebook, audio and text. Fans will be able to read case details and speculations on promotions, engage with the show's characters, and pick up juicy tidbits of inter-office relationships. Points are earned through interaction with the characters and correct answers to questions. The final verdict will be announced on Thursday, July 19 and two Suits fans will receive a $50,000 bonus for their legal work.

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"With Suits Recruits, we created an interactive extension of Pearson Hardman pulling our fans inside the fascinating world of Suits and making them a part of the firm's intrigue as they interact with this exclusive story line," Alexandra Shapiro, USA's  marketing and digital executive vice president, said in a statement. "We continue to break new ground with Lexus who is not only a strong partner of these Social TV initiatives but also a leader who understands the value of organic brand integration in digital storytelling."

Ready to get started? Check out an exclusive clip below of Louis (Rick Hoffman) enlightening us on the art of getting "Litt" up.

Season 2 of Suits premieres Thursday at 10/9c on USA. Do you have what it takes to work at Pearson Hardman? (Law degree not required, obviously.)

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