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Exclusive In Plain Sight Sneak Peek: Can Mary Ever Forgive Her Fugitive Father?

Date April 20, 2012

Mary McCormack, Stephen Lang

On last week's In Plain Sight,Mary (Mary McCormack) welcomed her fugitive father, James (Terra Nova's Stephen Lang), with open handcuffs rather than open arms. And based on this exclusive sneak peek from Friday's episode (10/9c on USA), things between the two aren't going to get warm and fuzzy anytime soon — even when they have to work together.

In Plain Sight'sMary McCormack: It feels right to end the series now

"We needed a father, not a stalker," Mary tells him. "If you honestly think I'm moved by you keeping watch over me — over us — you lost the right to move me when you left."

So does James regret walking away from his daughters? Check out this exclusive clip below:

In Plain Sight airs Fridays at 10/9c on USA.

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