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Exclusive Grimm First Look: Dexter's David Zayas Gets Mobbed

Date April 23, 2012

David Zayas

Grimm guest star David Zayas (Dexter) doesn't fear The Reaper; he hangs out with him.

On Friday's episode, titled "Leave It to Beavers" (9/8c, NBC), Zayas plays Sal Burrel, a monstrous troll-like creature known as the Hasslich (aka The Reapers). Sal's a city building inspector who's heading up a racketeering scheme, but runs into problems when the Eisbiber community, the beaver-like Wesen, defies his demands for a cut of their earnings. It's shades of The Sopranos meets The Godfather!

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Meanwhile, Nick (David Giuntoli) begins investigating the death of a construction worker, which indirectly leads him to Sal. Check out these first-look pictures of Zayas as Sal:

He wasn't looking too good there. Will Nick have to "go to the mattresses"?

Grimm airs on Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.


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