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Exclusive: Betty White's Off Their Rockers Spawns a Soundtrack

Date May 22, 2012

Betty White

You're a 90-year-old starring in a sitcom and producing a hit hidden camera series. What's left to conquer? Betty White now has her eyes set on iTunes, which is set to release a soundtrack to NBC's Betty White's Off Their Rockers.

Off Their Rockers producer Kinetic Content has just released a 12-song soundtrack timed to this week's season finale of the show. "The soundtrack was inspired by the overwhelming response Kinetic Content received from fans asking where they could get the music featured in the series," the production company says.

Reality shows typically license pre-existing music, but most of the songs on the Off Their Rockerssoundtrack were created specifically for the show. Kinetic partnered with Vanacore Music on all but three songs on the soundtrack; the other three came from the original Belgian series Benidorm Bastards, the format that eventually spawned Betty White's Off Their Rockers. Among the songs on the soundtrack: "Crazy," performed by Belgium band Broken Glass Heroes.


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