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Exclusive Animal Practice Sneak Peek: It's Birds vs. Humans!

Date October 01, 2012

Bobby Lee

Animal Practice's Dr. George Coleman (Justin Kirk) loves his four-legged patients. But their owners? That's a whole other story.

In this exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday's episode (8/7c on NBC), George backs up his controversial stance with some hard facts. "Birds have been around 150,000,000 years. We're at 200,000. I don't see us going the distance. In an evolutionary cage match, I'll take birds every time," he tells two clients.

Animal Practice is more than just "The Monkey Show": "The animals are a cheery on top"

But can Dr. Yamamoto (Bobby Lee) prove him wrong? Not exactly. Watch our exclusive preview here:

Animal Practice airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC. Would you pick birds or humans?

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