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ESPN Fires Football Analyst Hugh Douglas Over Racially-Charged Comments

Date August 13, 2013

By Sara Morrison and Tony Maglio

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - Former Eagles defensive lineman Hugh Douglas is now a former ESPN talent.

An ESPN spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap on Tuesday that "Douglas no longer works at ESPN as of today."

Douglas was fired from the station following a heated confrontation with his "Numbers Never Lie" co-host Michael Smith at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention on August 3.

According to Deadspin, Douglas was very drunk at a post-convention party and made a move toward the club's stage. Smith tried to stop him, and then Douglas flew into a rage, called Smith an "Uncle Tom" and threatened to beat him up.

ESPN told The Big Lead that it was "looking into the situation." On Sunday, the network told Sports Illustrated that it "expect a resolution this week."

Tuesday, Douglas tweeted that he was "very disappointed to be leaving ESPN."

He hadn't tweeted since August 2 before that. Among his last tweets was one about Smith.

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