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Dunder Mifflin Lives! Staples Starts Real Line of 'Office' Paper

Date November 27, 2011
Dunder Mifflin Paper is Real Dunder Mifflin paper is finally real. Yep, the fictional paper company that employs our favorite Scrantonites on NBC's 'The Office' (Thursdays, 9PM ET on NBC) is coming to life, thanks to Staples.

According to Wall Street Journal, Dunder Mifflin will be a new brand of copy paper available on Staples' Quill.com. The new paper comes through a licensing deal with NBC's parent company, Comcast. WSJ reports Comcast will receive about 6 percent of revenue from Dunder Mifflin paper sales.

Dunder Mifflin paper packages will come with slogans from the show, such as "Our motto is, 'Quabity First'" and "Get Your Scrant on."

Now in its eighth season, 'The Office' is still one NBC's most-watched shows, despite a sizable drop in Nielsen ratings, with a loyal following. Season 8 episodes of the series have been averaging around 6 million viewers.

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Tell us: Will you order Dunder Mifflin paper?

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