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CW Sets Carrie Diaries Premiere Date

Date November 08, 2012

AnnaSophia Robb

Carrie Bradshaw's back! Or at least she will be soon. The Carrie Diarieswill premiere on Monday, Jan. 14 at 8/7c, the CW announced Thursday.

The Sex and the Cityprequel is a 1980s coming-of-age drama that follows a teenage Carrie Bradshaw navigating adolescence and the death of her mother, all the while finding a love that will last a lifetime. But as we already know, Carrie's soulmate isn't a man — it's Manhattan!

The CW wants more Sarah Michelle Gellar, Battle Royaleand Muppets!

After Carrie's dad Tom helps her land an internship in a New York City law firm, the suburban girl starts her transformation into the fashion-forward city girl we came to love. AnnaSophia Robb takes on the titular role of Carrie, first made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker. The Carrie Diarieswill also introduce Carrie's younger sister Dorritt (Stefania Owen) and her friends Mouse (Ellen Wong), Maggie (Katie Findlay) and Walt (Brendan Dooling).

And of course, she wouldn't be Carrie without a little romance. Austin Butler will play Sebastian, a love interest for Carrie who helps her forward after losing her mother.

Will you watch The Carrie Diaries?

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