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Cookie Monster to Teach Kids Self-Control

Date August 05, 2013

By Tim Molloy

NEW YORK (TheWrap.com) - If Cookie Monster can hold off on eating a cookie, so can you.

That's the message the Sesame Workshop hopes to share with kids in the upcoming season of "Sesame Street," in which Cookie Monster will teach children self-regulation, a set of skills that help them behave, pay attention, follow rules, and even resist the lure of cookies.

Kindergarten teachers will be grateful: they consider self-regulation even more essential to school readiness than skills like reading and counting, Sesame Workshop says.

In a new segment, "Cookie's Crumby Pictures," Cookie Monster will demonstrate self-regulation by denying himself a cookie, for a while. He explains his new philosophy in a parody of Icona Pop's "I Love It."

His new lyrics include, "Me want to grab it want to eat it/But me wait."

The segment will also feature movie spoofs including "The Life of Whoopie Pie," "The Hungry Games," and "The Spy Who Loved Cookies."

The upcoming season of "Sesame Street" will also include celebrity guests including Charlize Theron, Usher, Henrey Cavill, Troy Polamalu, Tyler Perry, Dwight Howard, Forest Whitaker, Anna Kendrick and Dave Matthews.

The show will also feature a new Latino character, "Armando," played by actor Ismael Cruz Cordova.

Okay, held off this long. Time for a cookie.

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