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Conan O'Brien to appear as himself in 'Family Guy' episode

Date June 04, 2013

By Tony Maglio

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - With "The Simpsons" on his writing resume and a generally goofy persona, Conan O'Brien has always been pretty animated. But now he's actually being illustrated.

The late night talk show host will appear on an upcoming episode of "Family Guy," a representative told TheWrap Monday.

In the episode, a bee frightens Peter and Quagmire, who scream simultaneously - the result of which is perfect harmony. The neighbors decide to channel their previously unknown musical compatibility as singing duo "Griffin and Quagmire." Off the heels of a music festival, the two get a shot to perform on "Conan," which does not quite go according to plan.

Entertainment Weekly first reported the news of the episode.

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