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Colin Firth Wants to Host 'SNL' Again

Date November 20, 2011
Colin Firth Wants to Host 'SNL' Again People forget this, but seven years before Colin Firth became an Oscar winner for playing the King of England, and before Firth became the no-doubt-about-it household name that he is today, he hosted 'SNL,' back in March of 2004. Firth is currently promoting his new spy thriller, 'Tinker Tailor Solider Spy,' but took some time to reminisce about his hosting duties and made it clear that, yes, he wants to host 'SNL' again. The ball is in your court, 'SNL.' (And, yes, 'SNL,' you should totally let Colin Firth host again.)

You hosted 'SNL' back in 2004. Did you have fun doing that?
Funny, I was talking about this to somebody last night. I had a lot of fun. It was very frightening. I didn't realize how much fun I'd had until the week after it was over.

I've heard that before.
Yeah, you miss the adrenaline. You miss the camaraderie and taking that risk together.

I'll never forget your "learning a Southern accent" sketch.
That... That was a really good one. Tina Fey wrote that. Yeah, that one sort of stuck with me and that's the one people reference most.

Would you like to host again?
Yes, I would!

You should.
No, I'd love to. I'd love to. It's just getting the time right.

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